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Hearts-to-Hands Program

Click the pdf file to view or print our online brochure. You can also print out an application.

The Hearts-to-Hands Program is a charitable forward-giving branch of the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit health education organization established in the year 2000. Hearts-to-Hands was established in 2005.


The purpose of this branch of MBHA, "Hearts-to-Hands" is to bring health services, products, and financial aid to those in need of medical or healthy living care and support.  Since that time, it has helped provide furniture for drug rehabilitation centers, paid for direct health-care services and treatment by licensed health practitioners for those who are uninsured, provided programs such as yoga and Tai Chi classes for those suffering from arthritis or other related joint pain disorders, paid for healthy baby products (such as diapers, baby bottles, blankets, and clothing) to unwed mothers, and funded numerous other health and wellness projects in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.



Hearts-to-Hands provides funding for medical care and expenses serving individuals, families, and other nonprofit organizations through forward giving. Those in need, should apply. For more information, see our brochure or fill our our application. If you would like to contribute Hearts-to-Hands, please contact us, or donate online with your credit card. Your donation (of any amount) is gratefully accepted and is tax-exempt. Thank you for your support.

Health Services Start with You!
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