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Volunteers can serve in 8 different job positions, in three general areas:


1) Direct Services

2) Administrative Services

3) Fundraising Services.


Many of our voluntees are professional health practitioners or vendors who freely offer their services.  


Our volunteer training helps to enhance careers and make volunteers a more marketable future employee


For more information about volunteering or to apply, see our brochure, job descriptions, and application forms below



Direct Services

Direct Services can include delivering posters, or MBHA brochures at places of business, purchasing supplies and working with grants recipients or donors. It also can include volunteering as a speaker, teacher, licensed healthcare professional, medical doctor, healthcare assistant or a film and cinematography assistant.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services includes typing, filing, and/ or phone calling, notifying our grants recipients or donors, updating accounting records and our “Items Needed” list for "Hearts–to-Hands" program, updating calendar information on the websites, typing health education articles for the newsletter or blog, website editing or updating, making posters or graphic arts for events, collecting demographic data and entering it into spreadsheets and answering emails.

Fundraising Services 

Fundraising Services can involve calling MBHA donors or recipients, sitting at booths, sharing our vision, inviting people to become members or to donate to our charitable causes, or updating and creating our Zazzle store products.

We are grateful for the support of many MBHA friends and volunteers.

Thank you!

Health Services Start with You!
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